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time to unleash - Idolum - 07-30-2018

im still painting flowers

If you stare into the heavens, often you would see blue skies and the occasional clouds. This image would bring a sense of comfort and calmness to whoever saw. This image, however, would bring a sense of anxiety and paranoia to the woman who hid in the shadows during the day. She finds her comfort in the crisp air of dusk, when the leftover light from the sun battled with the moon's ethereal presence. The raw air would fill her lungs, almost with a stinging exhilaration while her powerful wings pushed her higher into the darkness.

Alongside her would be a streak of black and a shrill caw. This creature calls himself Sospes, a bonded Raven to the silent woman. Together, they would push themselves past exhaustion until they experience a second wind and fly even further. During these midnight flights, they would talk in the way a familiar would talk to his bonded. A lyrical voice that differed in so may ways to his screech would permeate the woman's mind, and in turn she would produce a sweet, quiet voice of her own. This voice of hers is one she shares only with Sospes. Her vocal cords have been used so little that in the rare times she does talk to an equine counterpart, her voice sounds scratchy and fake.

In this moment, the cover of night was beginning to peel away, revealing a swirl of pinks and oranges covering the sky. The woman's ears pricked towards the light, its bright veil revealing a body of water and an island that seemed to bustle. She slowed her pace, wings pushing forward until she almost hovered. Her head swung towards the raven that circled her.

Let's land...

Wind rushed past her ears as the earth barreled towards her and although her landing was a bit shaky, her legs didn't buckle under her weight. With the amount of time she spent in the air, the muscles in her avian appendages are strong and solid.  The rest of her body...not so much. She looked disproportionate and top heavy. Her legs luckily were long, but skinny, overcompensated by her long locks of tangled cream. Her thin frame was exaggerated by the darkness of her obsidian hide and small hooves that seemed unable to carry someone of her height. They seemed to work without fail during her time on the ground, and now she moved them slowly. Her black eyes watched with a kind of fearful intensity as more of the city became visible as they sky grew lighter.

There is a bridge connecting the mainland with the island. Her nostrils flared and blew uncomfortably, and she quickly turned on her heels with a reserved shake of her head. She doesn't need anything from that place. There was a pinch that dug into her withers as Sospes landed gracefully atop her, his talons tangling with her wispy mane. His wings fluttered before folding into themselves and his eyes showed a disapproving glimmer.

Why can't we check it out? It seems fun. 

I don't want to...

Oh, come on! I want to. 

His breast feathers bustled and fluffed with attitude. They shared a glance, both defiant. The woman groaned audibly, her heart starting to beat harder as she thought about being in such a public place.

Sospes, I'm tired. Besides, there's....people

I'm sure there is someplace for us to rest. Please? We haven't seen a soul in ages!

Whats wrong with that?

His talons dug a little deeper, her nerves firing under their sharpness and her skin flinching. With a stomp of her hoof, she turned back to the path to the rocky bridge. Sospes has been with her since she was a filly, and he has always pushed her towards the companionship of others. She doesn't feel like she needs anyone but the raven, but he has never steered her wrong. A tentative step brought her closer to the city that was starting to awake, and she felt like her blood was starting to boil, her lungs compressing until she couldn't breath. Still, another step she took, and another until her hooves made contact with the stone and the smell of salt and ash penetrated her nose.


Word Count: 705 | Tag: @Luvena | Notes: Wow...long post. 

nothing makes sense

RE: time to unleash - Judal - 07-30-2018

The city came alive as any would, the slow, lethargic stretch, followed with a quick tumble from bed, tangled amidst the sheets with the air smelling linen and warm sunlight. The curtains would grow dark, then, bleed into a multitude of colors as the rays shown through the folded clothe, creeping across the ground until it lept upon the plush softness of the bed. It was an irritating, painful draw, eyes refusing to open, body contentedly loose, and yet, dawn would persist, and a new day would come. The early moment was always a flurry of activity, the reluctance to begin leaving one with little time to prepare, the sounds dinning in muffled ears, a scattered mind roaring in an endless tangle of thoughts as one tried to organize plans and errands.

Judal wasn't a creature of morning, preferring the silent hours of the deep night, or the long, burning stir of dusk. They were quiet moments, still in the winding down of expectations. A moment for only himself. He detested the smothering masses even more, the smells of an endless number of strangers, exotic and complex, a story unraveling before his eyes, with too many voices and too foreign a language. It had gotten worse, since he had taken the plunge, took a stand and announced himself his own king. King of a land. By the standards of mortals, none stood above him, the horizon suddenly visible for the first time without a single shadow to shield its truths.

It was something he was still getting accustomed too, the sideways glances, the sudden attention of individuals he had never met and yet, somehow knew who he was. A creature who had spent most his life beyond the awareness of other's, to suddenly become a fulcrum of rumor and intrigue... was unnerving. And yet, as much as he would be content wandering the halls of the keep, entreating his mind to the ever-growing teachings of alchemy he had culminated in his rooms, or simply to wander the land in search of greater understanding, Judal was not a creature of idleness. As much as he had taken the role for himself, there was a necessity in creating a place that would stand as a testament to his wishes, not just for him, but for any who would seek to make a home there. Pride, and the pursuit of individual interests and passions.

The bridge was one he had walked before, it had become a token of the beginning. Where once Pantheon had stood, now Mythos had taken its place, the Metropolis the heart of its economy in a way. He had come here, by no small amount of probing by his shadows. It was necessary, appearances to showcase the king of a new nation. Fragile and new. The bribery of the library and markets perhaps egging him along. 

So he ignored the looks, the murmurs, his strides unfaltering as he moved through the ever-burgeoning crowds, moving to fill the streets of the city with noise and smells and cluttered sights. An uncrowned king, he needed no crown, he desired none. It was only his own enduring strength that marked him as something more, a wretched soul who had survived. 

The woman was a shroud of shadows, her perfume sour with fear. Judal couldn't hear the hesitant song of hooves upon stone, not as her flanks passed his left side, a ferry in the murk of dusk on open water. Where other's were boisterous, their voices as symphony on the chilled sea air, salted by the brine rolling against stone, she was silent, fearful. He would have immediately dismissed her if not for the bird. A raven of some sort, but where the obsidian feathers of most were uninterrupted, this one had a splash of white. A mixbreed perhaps? Or a sub-species? Familiars were not uncommon amongst the equine kind, pair bonds revered in some cultures, a mark of power or status. The more exotic, or powerful the creature, the more illustrious the individual. Judal had never seen a reason for accepting one near him. A man content in his isolation.


RE: time to unleash - Luvena - 08-01-2018

She was no stranger to cities, Her first 5 years being spent in one. A village of woven willow, flowers intertwined, where houses were homes, and even the lowest class had beautiful abodes. Patrols would go out, and come back with baskets full of flowers and willow branches, then builders would arrive, and make new and beautiful structures, each different then the last. The palace sat at the east end of the city, the one structure that was not just wood, it had towers of stone, the walls draped with ivy and wallflowers. Lupins sprung up from the ground.
Luvena remembered picking them, bringing them to the lower classes, on days when her head was clear, and when her mother allowed her to go out, that was her first priority.
It wasn't just the homes that were beautiful, it was the people too. All of them knew each other, and the castle was often open to visitors. But it was no metropolis, and so this city... It felt so strange too her.
Buildings towered around her, and as dawn showed itself over the clouds, so did its residents. They came out slowly, and then as a crowd, suddenly the streets were bustling with activity. She found herself getting turned around in the crowds, her ears pinned back to her head, blocking out the noise, until finally once more she found the bridge.
There were two there already. One a man, tall and sturdy. Earth coloured, with milky splashes over his face and shoulders. He stood near the bridge, watching the other figure, one with uneven footsteps clacking over the stone, as if hesitant. A raven hung around her, a familiar perhaps? Picoro watched with caution from his perch under her neck, which bowed from his added weight.
Slowly she herself moved forward, and nodded a greeting to both the man and the woman, hoping to avoid the stares that usually came from strangers.

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