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A fine pickle - Nuria - 09-03-2018


The pale mare shouldered her way through the crowd. All around her, people were milling around. A wide and varied array of people - some horned, some winged, some with flashing scales and others with spines or fangs, every conceivable variation speaking a multitude of languages. This place had the feel of a little frontier town - the influx of many different peoples, the half finished building in different stages of construction, the way that the city sprouted stores, brothels, houses and business at random - as though zoning regulations and municipal authority hadn't yet caught up to the bustle and hubbub of carving a new settlement out of raw wilderness. Bureaucrats always tended to lag behind, showing up after all the work was done then complaining that it had been done wrong.

Nuria liked frontier towns. She'd spent most of the last two years in frontier towns, defending them against raiders, patrolling the borders of the empire, bolstering defenses. Being hidden away, she thought a little bitterly. It was an old wound, mostly scabbed over, but still stung from time to time.

A damp spring drizzle had made the half-cobbled streets muddy and slick. On the plus side, the dull, cloudy sky had also dulled the opalescent sheen of her coat, making it look more muted and gray. It never paid to stand out in a crowd, particularly in an unfamiliar place. Not much she could do about the dress armor. Hopefully it wouldn't be too obvious in the sea of packed bodies.

She sheltered in a little awning out of the rain, back firmly against the cobblestone wall. Her eyes scanned the crowd. After half a lifetime, it was as automatic as breathing. Without conscious thought, some part of her cataloged the flash of a spear, the heft of a sword, the apparently simple farmer in the distance with battle scars who carried his axe with the bearing of a soldier, the scrawny kid who eyeballed her armor with just a little too much interest before vanishing into an alley. All par for the course, no immediate threats.

Meanwhile, the rest of her mind ruminated on what she should do next. "Find out where the hell I am, for a start," she decided, "and what the fuck happened to my magic." 

Since she got here, she hadn't been able to do more than a few flashes of light. It was like being a little kid, all over again. The effect of Nisha's magic? Or something to do with this place? Time gather as much intelligence a possible, she supposed. Once she knew more, she could plan her next move.

Of course, one couldn't just accost random people on the street and interrogate them. She'd try to find a tavern or an eatery or something, where people might be more talkative. After all, it wasn't like the answer to her questions was just going to bump into her.


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RE: A fine pickle - Thelxiepeia - 09-07-2018

As of late, the siren had been spending a lot of time on four legs. There were far more land-walkers in Mythos than finned-fiends, and thus it was far easier for Thelxiepeia to cause chaos on dry terrain. While she and her sister had successfully laid claim to a territory of their own, they were yet to lure in any unsuspecting victims or equally brutish partners in crime. Not that this was a flaw on their part, merely that neither had yet gone out with the intention of ensnaring someone between their sharpened teeth.

The seductress new The Metropolis was the busiest territory in the world formerly named Pantheon. It was the new Capitol of sorts, for the old city was buried miles beneath the dirt and swarming with disease and rabid monsters. She vowed one day to tame one such monster for her own and keep it in the Ravine to scare off unwanted visitors, but today was a day for "innocent" exploration.

Rain beat down upon her pale spine, threatening the vulnerability of her changeable physique but she by now was strong enough to push back the urges of transforming. She swayed through the crowds as they parted to find shelter, hips thrusting in either direction as a smug grin slipped over her pale lips. A little way down the cobbled street, Thelxiepeia caught the glint of an opalescent coat in her crystalline eyes. A woman who bore similar iridescent colours to herself though was, of course, far less alluring than she. She closed the distance with the same model-esque strut, just in time to catch the mare's frustrated words upon the damp wind.

The mare chuckled, a soft, melodic noise to belong only to the vocal chords of a fiendish mermaid, and slipped beneath the same awning as her new companion. "Hey missy," she grinned, inclining her head upwards to the woman, who was far taller, "Lost your magic, huh? Don't know where you are? Oh my, I think I might be able to help with that."

A glint shimmered in Thelxiepeia's eyes, quickly disappearing as she shifted her body, staring out at the now near-empty streets, puddles appearing in the divots between cobbles. Perhaps this meeting would be futile - perhaps not, but either way, the siren knew she'd find a way to make it fun as all hell.

@Nuria I had evil-lady muse D:
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RE: A fine pickle - Nuria - 09-08-2018

Nuria couldn’t help snorting at the word “Missy”. No one had called her that since she’d left the nursery. She inspected the person who had addressed her so. Had they been spying on her or just nearby when she muttered under her breath?

It was a woman of indeterminate age, small, delicate, and slender, with a dished face and four dainty, peach hooves. She had a subtly iridescent coat, all peaches, golds and soft grays with a hint of teal.  Crystal-like eyes and opal jewellery completed the impression of a dainty little doll or someone’s pet concubine.  The woman’s manner, however, wasn’t that of a helpless little maiden. She was arch, knowing, almost a little teasing. It was faintly irritating.

Still, the antlered woman didn’t want to start a fight with someone she had just met, especially someone who seemed to have information to offer. She smiled her best harmless tourist smile.

“Aren’t you kind!” she said cheerfully. “Yes, I’m quite new here, though it seems such a charmingly quaint little place you’ve got here.” There was no hiding her newness if she was going to ask for information, so she didn’t try. “The magic thing is a damned inconvenience, though. Will it come back, do you think? Where is here, anyway?”

She kept her patter light and friendly, to prevent the rapid-fire questions from feeling like an interrogation.

“And you wouldn’t happen know where a girl could go to wet her throat, would you?”


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RE: A fine pickle - Thelxiepeia - 09-17-2018

Thelxiepeia's judge of character was usually flawlessly accurate, but this stranger was taking a little while longer to figure out. Probably only fair, given most who encountered her entirely missed the warning signs of a clear, morbid psychopath. She hid them well, but they were usually there.

The siren grinned a sugar coated smile in response to her new companion. It was sickening, pretending to be so sweet and innocent when picking out her newest ...experiments, but necessary. The girl in front of her seemed at first to be a naive newbie, but Thelxie wouldn't be at all surprised if the first impression turned out to be vastly misjudged. She could be playing the exact same game, for all the vixen knew. She nodded her head, a warm shimmer in her iridescent eyes as she listened to the mare explain her predicament.

"I try my darndest best!" not sure why she was starting to come off a little country-girl, but it'd do as a disguise. "Charmingly quaint is right, full of the nicest people you'll ever meet and all." the magic was an interesting question, however. There seemed to be few newcomers to Mythos that hadn't previously inhabited Pantheon and therefore knew of the enchantments it granted to most of its population. Were there other worlds out there that gifted magic to those in its talons? Presumably.

Her nod switched to a gentle shake of the head with a sympathetic smile, "I imagine your magic will return to you, friend. It did for me, after all, and most of those I have encountered so far. Just have a little patience." she gestured with her nose out of the canopy at the rain-soaked cobbles. "You're in Mythos now. Formerly Pantheon, though barely anyone knows that anymore."

Rain continued to pour outside, the streets almost entirely vacated as wind howled through the sandstone buildings, and Thelxiepeia chuckled. "Might as well open your mouth to the sky! Sure as hell enough rain to quench any thirst." her giggle resonated through the shelter, "I know a spot for a real drink, though, if you're willing to get a little wet on the way." there were a few quaint cafes and shop fronts down the street that Thel presumed would be open to grant the stranger a free glass of water. They were usually pretty welcoming to new bodies in town.

"First, though, I'd best catch your name!" if she were any ordinary creature, Thel might've felt rude to not have asked as an utmost priority. But she was far from ordinary, and asked only as a formality to maintain her 'good girl' facade. "Mine's Thelxie, you can call me Thel." she beamed, pearly whites shining. The siren didn't often give up her full name to characters she'd yet to fully figure out. Not so much a risk as giving the game away too soon. She was named for a famous mythological siren, and didn't want to risk anyone recognising it.

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